We are looking for distributors in the following countries:

                                                       Baltic countries

                                                        Balkan states



                                                       Benelux states

                               Russia states and further independent states

                                                 North American states

                                                South American states

                                                       African states



Products of the month

ABSODAN Sorbents

Type IIIR - with authorization


ABSODAN Universal

  • coarse granulation, firm foodsteps- for all kinds of liquids


  • fine granulation, firm foodsteps - especially for road areas

ABSODAN SuperPlus 

  • super fine granulation, firm foodsteps - especially for chemicals


  SORBIX US Premium                            

       Multiple oil binder ! Typ IIIR

  • Fine granulated, calcined absorbent for oil and chemicals, for multiple use, almost all liquids can be absorbed.
  • Less dust, chemical neutral, not inflammable, firm footsteps


SORBIX UBH 0/6  - Perlite untreated, floatable

SORBIX WB 0/2   - Perlite treated, floatable  


Kerchiefs, Rolls, Pads, Net blocking, Socks

  • Products of polypropylene with high quality. Suitable for absorbing of oil, chemicals and other liquids.
  • Absorption: 25x of own weight
  • Polypropylene products - Hydrophobe are water-repellent and oleophilic.
  • Polypropylene products - Universal are not water-repellent.