We are looking for distributors in the following countries:

                                                       Baltic countries

                                                        Balkan states



                                                       Benelux states

                               Russia states and further independent states

                                                 North American states

                                                South American states

                                                       African states


ALLPLAS Floating Balls / HOLLOW Balls

The well-established blanket system for open tanks

The ALLPLAS system relies on the use of hollow plastic spheres to form a floating blanket cover on the surface of liquid. There are no costs for installation as they automatically arrange themselves into a closely packed configuration.

All liquids are being covered in that way nearly completed.

    - Heat losses will be avoided

    - Energy costs are being cut extremely

    - Environmental relieve

    - Reduction of smells

    - The cooling and freezing of liquids is retarding


Special Balls for equiment outside, material HDPE, black coloured

      - Wind stable systems

      - Prevents algae

      - UV - resistant


HDPE ball, dia. 100 mm, water filled                     HDPE ball, dia. 80 mm, self-filling